Portrait: Pia Niederwimmer Raunjak

TCM Tool Talk – RO-RA Aviation Systems
Web Videos
Published: September 2022
Client: TCM International
Writer/ Director: Pia Raunjak
Production: HENX Filmproduction
Concept: Studio Creativ Advertising Agency

Claus Muhr, Anita Moser, Joe Landl, Pia Raunjak

Spargeleis und Lammcurry – Exotisches und Heimisches ganz regional
TV Dcoumentary, 25 minutes
Broadcast Date/First Run: September 10, 2022
Network: ORF2
Producer/ Writer: Pia Raunjak, piamedia
Directors: Pia Raunjak, Claus Muhr
Sound/ Editing: Andreas Teufelauer

Unser Wunder: Kind
Documentary Film with Fictional Film Sequences, TV, 52 minutes (2022)
Producers: Posch TV/ Ursula Merzeder and piamedia
Coproduction and first run: ORF III

Producer ORF III: Manuela Strihavka

Director: Markus Mörth
Production Manager: Anita Pfeffinger
DoP: Astrid Heubrandtner, Ursula Merzeder
Post Production: Ahmed Lanner-Abdalla, Raimund Sivetz, Peter Utvary
Composer: Hannes Gill
Medical Advisor: Thomas Wegscheider, MedUNI Graz
Main Cast: Julia Jelinek, Matthias Ohner

International Title German: Jeder Tag zählt
International Title English: Every Day Counts
International Distribution: ORF Enterprise

The Miracle,
Audio Drama with Songs, 120 minutes
Based on the real life story and script of Auschwitz survivor Lucy Deutsch
Available on all audio and streaming platforms at the end of 2022
Producer (piamedia)

VERY GOOD FOR HOLLYWOOD – Österreicher:innen in L.A.
Prime Time Show, 6 x 50 minutes
Broadcast Date: January 3rd, 2023
Network: Puls 4
Author, Casting, Production Manager
Producer: MARKAND Media

Documentary Film, TV, 60 minutes

Brot nach Spielen,
Documentary Film, TV, 52 minutes

Drinnen & Draußen,
TV Show, Entertainment, 25 minutes

TV Show, Entertainment, 25 minutes

Das Dorf,
Feature Film, Neuer Heimatfilm, 90 minutes

Gewerbepark 5,
TV Show, Comedy Series, 10 x 30 minutes

TV Show, Thriller Series