IMDb Mini Biography by Siouxsan Isabelle:

Since her start as a radio presenter in very young years, Pia Raunjak (née Niederwimmer) has worked as a voice-over artist and built a professional career in the industry internationally. Fluent in Austrian German, Pia speaks perfect German German and American English. At the age of 21, Pia has been writer and producer of commercials and corporate films in Vienna, Austria. In addition, she was also in charge of the promotional videos for the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government and the Federal Chancellor of Austria.

Her first acting job came unexpected while Pia was holding interviews with the primary cast for the Making-Of of Joshua Sinclair’s film Jump!, starring Patrick Swayze, Ben Silverstone, Martine McCutcheon, Heinz Hoenig and Stefanie Powers.

On set she was approached by the producers and director to be featured in several scenes with Ben Silverstone and Stefanie Powers. Since then Pia has been featured in many film, commercial and voice over projects worldwide.

The oldest of three children, with two younger brothers, Pia’s father was one of the foremost pioneers in computer programming from the technologies inception of punch cards and her mother a home-maker. Raised in a Christian home, Pia’s personal relationship with God is a primary driving motor in her life.

After four years in Los Angeles, CA, Pia moved back to Austria to start a family with her husband Wolfgang Raunjak. Their son Noah Levi Raunjak was born in November 2016. Living in a more remote area Pia started to work on her projects as a filmmaker and a writer, additionally to her career in the voice-over industry.

In 2024 Pia focused on working in front of the camera again and made appearances as an actress in several TV productions for the Austrian and German market as well as a TV anchor for a local network.